Subdivisions | Banana Addition

The Banana Addition to the Monrovia Tract was originally made up of five parcels of land bordered on the south by Banana Avenue (now Hillcrest Boulevard); on the east by Charlotte Avenue (now Canyon Boulevard); and on the west by Myrtle Avenue.  According to the official Los Angeles County Description, part of the Banana Addition was in the original Santa Anita Grant given to Hugo Reid in 1845. Rancho Santa Anita (as it became known as) passed through several owners until Elias J. (Lucky) Baldwin subdivided it for sale.  This particular section had been purchased by William Newton Monroe and subdivided into the Banana Addition to the Monrovia Tract in October of 1887.

The other section of the Banana Addition is described as “...part in Lot A, Sec. 23 Tp1, NR.11. W.S.B.M...”By 1905, Block C of the Banana Tract Addition was owned by H.E. Crandall (who built a grand house on the nothern-most part of the tract) and Block B was owned by Caroline Bowes.  Lot C was subsequently purchased some time in 1906 by A.P. Seymour

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