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Charles Eugene Slosson

Birthdate: September 1860

Birthplace: Iowa

Occupation: Real Estate

Properties Owned:

Charles Eugene Slosson was an extremely successful real estate businessman who was also the first notary public in Monrovia and served in public offices of city clerk in 1890 and city trustee from1893-1897.  He also served as an officer and director of the Board of trade for 1909.  Even so, it isn’t until one looks at the tax records that ones understands how important a man he was.  Not only did he buy up real estate as an investment from those who couldn’t make their payments, he also acted as agent for the many land owners who lived across the United States far from the property they owned.

He also was instrumental in getting the struggling town going by subdividing the Oak Park, Valley Vista and Orange Avenue Tracts, making land available for people to build homes.

According to his obituary in the Monrovia Daily News (Saturday, Jan. 14, 1917), Slosson arrived to Monrovia in 1886 as the land boom hit.  Coming from Iowa, the state of Monrovia pioneers Joseph F. Sartori and the Monroe family, it is likely he heard of the opportunities available in the San Gabriel Valley.  Another edition of the Monrovia Daily News (3 Oct 1889) states that Slosson was also a lawyer, but there is no evidence that he ever practiced law in Monrovia.

In Monrovia, he met Anna V. MacCulloch who was staying with her sister Jean T. Dunwell and her sister’s husband on Magnolia Avenue.  Anna MacCulloch was born in July of 1863 to William and Christina MacCulloch, Scottish immigrants who had settled in Kingston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  Charles and Anna were married on October 2, 1889, in her sister’s house.  According to the Monrovia Messenger (3 Oct 1889), they went live in the “Morgan cottage” on Orange Avenue.  In a few years, they moved to 210 W. Lime Avenue where they lived until their deaths.

Charles Slosson had other business interests in addition to real estate.  In 1903, he organized the Monrovia Steam Laundry with partners and became manager and director in 1912 until the business was sold in 1916.  He was also a stockholder in the San Gabriel River Rock Company.

Born in September of 1860 in Iowa, Charles’ father,  John M. Slosson, was a well-to-do farmer.  The 1870 census records the value of his property at $3,600 and the value of his personal estate at $1.000.  Both John and his wife Jane R. Finch (aka Roxie Jane) were born in New York, and they seem to have arrived in Iowa sometime between 1850 and 1860.

Charles was the oldest of five children., and most of his family came to Monrovia eventually.  His mother came in 1900 after the death of her husband and lived first on Lime and then 208 S. Encinitas until she died in 1919.  Charles’s sister Mary and her husband, George W. Stelson were living in Monrovia by 1900 with her mother on South Encinitas, , but after 10 years, they moved to Los Angeles where she died in 1934.  Frank A. Slosson married and came to Monrovia to deal in real estate.  He lived at 122 N. Encinitas Ave., dying in Monrovia in 1919 the same year as his mother.  The youngest two sons, John and Roy, stayed in Iowa.

Charles and Anna had one daughter, Arline, who married John W. Snider, and the couple continued living in Lime Avenue house.  John drops out of the picture by 1930, though his death date has yet to be found.

Charles Slosson suffered a nervous breakdown on July 14, 1916, and his physical health began to suffer as well.  He died on January 12, 1917.  His funeral was conducted by the same person who had married him and Anna, Reverend Colcord.  He was buried in Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles.  Anna outlived him by many years in the house at 210 W. Lemon Avenue.  Charles’ mother had been living with them at the time of his death, and later her widowed sister Jean Dunwell moved in with Anna.  I was not able to find her exact date of death, but the last entry for her in the Monrovia city directory was in 1937.

More information about the Slosson and Dunwell families may be found on a family tree I made for them at Ancestry.com.


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Occupations | Real Estate

John S. Keefer

Birthdate: 1863

Birthplace: Indiana

Occupation: Real Estate

Properties Owned:

John S. Keefer was born in 1863 in Indiana to Samuel and Eliza J. (Washburn) Keefer.  The California Voter Registration for 1888 lists him living in Monrovia and working at real estate.
John's father was a colonel in the Indiana infantry during the Civil War.  He had made a great deal of money in New York City with a luxury hotel and other investments.  Colonel Keefer and his wife came to Monrovia in 1886, and he was associated with several early Monrovians in real estate.  But he died in 1867, and John S. Keefer probably came to Monrovia to help his mother settle up affairs.
His mother probably stayed in Monrovia until she died in 1912, but the California Death Index only says that she died in Los Angeles County.
As John Keefer had no real ties to Monrovia, he lived in Los Angeles.  Directories from Los Angeles list him living there from 1890 to 1903 and working in real estate.  So though he purchased and subdivided property in Monrovia, and his mother lived here, it doesn't seem as if he was ever a permanent resident of Monrovia.
There is no information on whether or not he had a wife, and the last reliable information on him is from 1903 when he was still living in Los Angeles.  There is no death date for John Keefer.

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