Occupations | Gas Station Owner/Worker

Norman Nicoll Croxon, Senior

Birthdate: 13 Aug 1913

Birthplace: Los Angeles County, California

Occupation: Gas Station Owner/Worker

Properties Owned:

 Norman Nichol Coxon Senior, the son of George and Edith Mary Nicoll Croxon,  spent his early years on his father's fruit ranch which was located on the west of Mountain Avenue between Central Avenue and Huntington Drive.  He moved with his family to 267 N. Myrtle Avenue sometime around 1924.

He married Thelma Garrison on 25 Jan 1938.  He seems to have been involved with Union Oil company, working at and owning gas stations.  He and his wife lived in Monrovia across the street from his parents at 260 N. Myrtle Ave.  They had at least one child that I could confirm, a boy named Norman Nicoll Croxon Jr.  He was born November 14, 1940, in the Imperial Valley of California.  His parents were living in El Centro at the time while Norman Senior worked for the Union Oil Company. They were only there about two years, and then the family moved back to Monrovia at 260 N. Myrtle.  Norman Senior lived there until he died.

Thelma Garrison's death date is unknown.

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