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Norman Nicoll Croxon, Junior

Birthdate: 14 Nov 1940

Birthplace: Imperial County, California

Occupation: Forestry Service

Properties Owned:

Norman Nicoll Croxon, Junior, was the grandson of an Englishman, George Croxon, who had come to Monrovia about 1910 to raise citrus crops.   His father, Norman Nicoll Senior had been involved with the oil business, almost entirely in Monrovia.

According to city directories, Norman Junior went to work for the Forestry Service.  His first wife was named Judith, middle initial "A".  It is unknown if she died or they divorced.  He second wife was named Tammy.  Norman moved into 271 N. Myrtle Avenue sometime during the 1960s.  His grandmother had moved into that house around 1952 after her husband died.  Previously she had lived just to the south at 267 N. Myrtle.  Possibly he inherited the house from her as she died in 1963.

By 1968, Norman is working in Stockton, California,  working for the Forestry Service.  He stays up there for awhile, perhaps retiring in Bishop where he seemed to work form 1992-1996.  We found no trace of chldren for Norman Junior, and he had no siblings, so this branch of the Crox family would come to and end.

It is unknown if Norman and his wives were still living.

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