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Lewis D. Remington


Birthdate: August 31, 1869

Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan

Occupation: Doctor

Properties Owned: 145 Stedman Place

Lewis Durkee Remington was born on August 31, 1869, in Pontiac, Michigan, to William and Mary (Graham).  Lewis was the third of five sons, and his father was a minister. 

Lewis worked in education, serving as principal at a high school principal in Fenton, Michigan. But his wife, Maud Lila (Holdridge) had a lung disease.  He brought her to Monrovia, California, to be treated at Pottenger Sanitorium which specialized in diseases of the lungs.  Unfortunately, Maud Lila died, leaving Lewis a widower with their daughter, Beatrice Dorothea (1904-1983).

His experience with his wife turned Lewis into a different direction professionally.  He went to medical school and received his MD in California in 1909.  He became an instructor of diseases of the chest at the University of Southern California and taught there from 1912-1915.  He went on to be a lecturer at the same school from 1915-1916, and an assistant professor from 1916-1918. 

In 1910, he married again to Cassie A. Prentiss.  The first evidence of them living in Monrovia is from the 1910 census.  It reports them and Beatrice as living at 146 N. Primrose Avenue and his profession as physician with a specialty of the heart and lungs.  Because of his medical specialty and previous experience with Pottenger Sanitorium, he may have been associated with the clinic and the other doctors there, but he definitely had his own medical practice in Monrovia.  The 1911 directory for Monrovia gives his business address as 603 ½ S. Myrtle Avenue.  Later, his practice was located at 416 S. Ivy Avenue.

He served during World War I  in the Marine Corps.  In a transport list (undated), his name appears in the column under sick and wounded attached to Headquarters, 40th Division, DSO.  In another transport list, he is listed as a captain.

According to his granddaughter, Marie, he used the front room of the Stedman house as his office and was an avid gardener. On his days off he would work in the yard until 11 a.m., then come in, shower, put his suit on, have lunch and then take fruit, veggies or flowers to his patients.

He died on June 12, 1963, in Orange, California, at the age of 93, and was buried in Fenton, Michigan.


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Brimhall, Dean R. & J. McKeen Cattell, eds.  American Men of Science: A Biographical Dictionary, Volume 3.  1921.  Press of the New Era Printing Press, Lancaster.He lived at 146 Primrose and in 1939 built a home for his third wife at 145 Stedman Place. Was Chairman of the Monrovia Branch of the Los Angeles County Medical  Association in 1928-1929. Had an office at 416 S. Ivy Avenue near the fire station.

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Charles Taylor Stewart

Birthdate: Aug. 9, 1849

Birthplace: Harrison County, Kentucky

Occupation: Doctor

Properties Owned:

Dr. John Taylor Stewart was born in Harrison County, Kentucky on August 9, 1849, to William Harvey and Elizabeth A. Webb.  Over the years, Dr. Stewart gave conflicting information on the birthplaces of his parents.  The most likely birthplace for his father is in Indiana, while his mother was definitely born in Kentucky.  Both parents were born sometime during 1824 and married July 9, 1848, in Nicholas County, Kentucky. 

According to the 1860 census, William Stewart was a successful farmer near Cynthiana in Harrison County, Kentucky, with real estate valued at $3500 and personal possessions valued at $1500.  In addition to John Taylor, William Stewart had two other sons, James N. and Charles Harvey, and one daughter, Sarah E.  The Stewart family valued education.  Charles and John both became doctors, and James became an attorney.The Harrison County, Kentucky, online index of marriages (www.harrisoncountyky.us/marriages) indicates that John Taylor married Sue Martin on June 21, 1880.

Sue Martin was born in 1859 in Berrys Station, Harrison County, Kentucky.  She was the daughter of Mortimer D. Martin, a well-to-do farmer, and his wife Zerelda.  Their son, Charles Mortimer (called Mortimer) was born on July 30, 1881 (died April 25, 1961).

John Taylor Stewart arrived in Monrovia in 1887.  His brother, Dr. Charles H. Stewart, had established a medical practice in Monrovia, but he was very ill with tuberculosis and needed assistance with practice.  When his brother died in March of 1888, Dr. Stewart took over the practice located at what would now be 140-142 E. Lemon Avenue (Lots 2 and 3, Block K, Town of Monrovia Subdivision.) Dr. Stewart was involved with civic affairs and served for a time as trustee on the Monrovia City Council around 1889.

In 1889, Dr. Stewart began sharing his office with a Dr. Davy from San Diego.  It is unclear if they were actually partners.  In 1890, Dr. Stewart moved the building his brother (Charles H.) had built as a post office to Myrtle Avenue next to J.F. Norman=s office (Monrovia Messenger, 11/13/1890).In 1890, Dr. Stewart bought a small house that R.M. Mullally had owned and moved it to the corner of White Oak and Primrose Avenues (Block D, the south 150 feet of the east 57 feet of Lots 4 and 5, Monroe Addition).  He fixed up the house and added a barn to the property, but he didn’t live there long, selling the house in 1894 to moved to Los Angeles and run a small, private hospital.  It is unclear when his wife, Sue Martin Stewart, died, but she is not shown living with Dr. Stewart and his son in 1900 census.  The 1910 census shows that Dr. Taylor had  married a woman named Minnie M., who was born in 1876.

John Taylor Stewart died July 13, 1922, and the age of 72 years.

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Russell D. Adams


Birthdate: October 1849

Birthplace: Walled Lake, Oakland County, Michigan

Occupation: Doctor

Properties Owned: 113 N. Primrose Avenue

Russell D. Adams was the son of  William R. Adams, a farmer, and wife Clarissa.  William, originally from Ohio,  was a merchant in 1850 living in Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York.  Clarissa Adams was born in Pennsylvania.  An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County incorrectly states both parents as being from New York.  An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County also indicates that William and Clarissa moved to Michigan around 1826 to start a general store, but 1850 census records show William R. Adams living in Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York, being a merchant.  An Illustrated History further states that William R. Adams retired in 1868 and moved to Illinois where he died in 1869.

William’s son Russell D. Adams was born in October of 1849.  An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County gives the following information:

    Russell D. Adams was born in Walled Lake, Oakland County, Michigan.  He received a good education as a boy and then was sent to Syracuse, New York for high school.  He took two years out of his studies to serve as a medical steward in the United States Navy.  From there, he went to Michigan State University.  He graduated from Long Island College Hospital with a medical degree.  In Bloomington, Illinois in 1868, he married Miss [Callie] Ellis, a native of Ohio. Callie Ellis was born in May of 1840 in Ohio, according to census records.  Other records show that Callie and Russell were married in 1868 in Ohio.  Their first child, Jennie G. Adams was born in November 8, 1868, in Bloomington, Illinois.An Illustrated History continues reporting that Dr. Adams and his family moved to Skiddy, Morris County, Kansas, in 1873 where he had a successful practice for several years. However, census records state that a son, Charles E. Adams, was born in Kansas in 1871, so he must have arrived earlier than Illustrated History states.  Other records show the Adams, along with his mother-in-law Rebecca Ellis,  living in 1875 and 1885 (Rebecca Ellis had died before the last date) in Rolling Prairie, Morris County, Kansas.Charles E. Adams doesn’t appear in any other census records after 1885.  A daughter Alice was born in May of 1879 (census records).  Another daughter Frances was born in 1884 (census records).  In 1885, Dr. Adams and his family went to Council Grove, Kansas, to continue his practice.  While in Kansas, Dr. Adams was active in politics in and served in the Kansas State Legislature.  But he didn’t like the climate so in 1888, he came to Alhambra, California, reports An Illustrated History.In 1893, Dr. Adams moved to Monrovia form partnerships with other doctors, one of whom was Dr. Pottenger.  He moved into a house at 113 N. Primrose Avenue (at that time it faced Foothill and the address was 201 W. White Oak Avenue), which had been the house of a doctor, John Taylor Stewart.Dr. Adams was active in civic affairs.  He was on the first school board in 1887 along with Prof. J.G. Cross (USC) and J.J. Renaker.  He was on the building committee for the Monrovia Baptist Church’s new building, located at the northwest corner of Palm and Encinitas Avenues and was also a staunch Republican (History of Monrovia).Dr. Adam’s daughter Frances (Frankie), graduated from Monrovia High School in 1902.  Alice, Jennie, and Frank never married and continued to live in the White Oak house after their father’s death on June 11, 1917.  Sometime in the early 20s, they moved to 327 N. Myrtle.  Frank worked as a teacher at Orange Avenue School, Jennie was a dressmaker who worked from the house, and Alice apparently kept house from them.  An interesting fact in the 1930 census has Alice being the head of the family though she was younger than Jennie, didn’t work, and Jennie had previously been listed as head of the household. Jennie died on September 16, 1954.  Her obituary states that though she had been deaf since the age of two, she played the organ for her church.  The obituary also says that she was an avid hiker who belonged to a hiking club and climbed to the summit of Mt. Whitney when she was 82 years old.  It also states that she had no survivors, so Alice and Frances must have predeceased her.  No reliable information on death dates could be found for Alice, Frances, or Mrs. Adams.  None of the Adams family was buried in Live Oak Cemetery.


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