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Samuel Emerson Salsbury

Birthdate: January 1862

Birthplace: Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York

Occupation: Dentist

Properties Owned:

Samuel Emerson Salisbury was born in January 1862 in Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York.  He was the son of Hopkins Samuel Salisbury, a carpenter and Civil War veteran, and Mary Antoinette Conable.  His grandfather, Samuel Salisbury, and great-uncle were early settlers from Vermont, arriving in Warsaw in 1807.  Samuel Salisbury served in the War of 1812 and was a deacon of the Baptist Church of Warsaw.

Samuel Emerson Salisbury married Fanny Goodstorf in 1885.  He became a dentist and had two children, Marie (1886) and Harold Emerson (1887).  According to his obituary, Salisbury and his family came to Monrovia in the spring of 1905.  At this time, they were living at 337 N. Mayflower.  Dr. Salisbury had his practice at 527 ½ S. Myrtle but moved it to 521 ½ S. Myrtle Ave by 1911.

A city permit dated December 30, 1912, shows that Dr. Salisbury had become the owner of Lot 18, Block B of the Town of Monrovia, the address being 123 E. Lime Ave.,  In 1913, Dr. Emerson moved his office to 216-218 American National Bank Building, but shortly after that, he decided to run his practice from his house, and he continued to do this for the next 20 years.  According to his obituary, after Dr. Salisbury retired, he continued his hobby of adding to his book and curio and collection.

Samuel Emerson Salisbury died on May 1th, 1934.  His wife continued to live in the house on East Lime Avenue until her death on January 19, 1945.

It is unclear what happened to their daughter, Marie.  She appears in the 1900 census record, but it is unclear if she ever married.  Her father’s obituary indicated she had predeceased him.

The Salisburys’ son, Harold Emerson, was born in New York on August 29, 1887.  He became a commercial artist and married Abigail Eliza Clark.  They moved to Los Angeles and had two children: Clark E. and Marie A.  Clark was born on December 1, 1914, and died November 29th, 1964.  It is unknown if he ever married.

Marie A. Salisbury was born on December 10th, 1916.  She married Walter Hunter Townsend, and she died on August 30, 1946.  It is unknown if she had any children.

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